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Before you hire any lemon law attorney...

Your lemon law attorney is your most important ally in winning your case against the automobile manufacturer. 

Choosing the right lemon law attorney from the myriad of attorneys advertising on the Internet can be at minimum a daunting task. Choosing the wrong attorney can cause an unfavorable, or more importantly, substantially compromised result in your case settlement. 

Here are some important facts. Just 6 years ago, there were only a small handful of law firms that devoted their entire practice to pursuing California lemon law cases. This handful of “original” lemon law firms already had 12+ years experience back in year 2000, totaling 19+ years in practice by 2006. Back then, choosing an experienced and devoted lemon law attorney firm was relatively easy for the consumer. 

Now, just 6 years later, there are now over forty law firms advertising on internet who are self acclaimed “experienced” or “Lemon Law Specialists”! However, an attractive website does not mean the attorney/law firm is “experienced”, or can provide the desired result. Some such attorneys were simply associate attorneys at larger firms who decided to “own their own law firm”. Some attorney firms now found on the internet are “multi-state” law firms that are “home office based” out of the Midwest or even the East Coast, and have in some cases as little as 3 years experience in California lemon law cases! Some of these same firms will choose to pursue a California client’s case under the generic federal warranty law (the “Magnuson Moss Act”) which often affords less monetary recovery to the consumer than the California Lemon Law (the “Song-Beverly Act”)! There is yet again a whole separate contingent of new firms that have recently “discovered” Lemon Law as an area of practice to add to their existing laundry list of legal services, yet putting up “lemon-law specific” websites that make them appear that their practice is devoted only to pursuing California lemon law cases!

Many firms advertising services on the net advertise “completely free” and other types of claims. Yet many of those same firms will require the consumer to pay for defect verification by hired experts, and other types of monies that have to be advanced by the client rather than the attorney.

We are the Law Offices of William R. McGee, California Lemon Law Attorneys. We are one of the “original” law firms (19+ years of lemon law practice) in California exclusively dedicated to the California lemon law. We have grown to be California’s LARGEST lemon law firm. Yes, we are the firm with freeway/highway billboards on California’s major freeways and streets. Yes, we are the firm that has had major TV news coverage. Yes, we are the firm that gets over 50% of new lemon law cases via referrals from our past clients. Yes, we are the firm that has settled over 5,000 lemon law cases for California consumers in just the last few years alone! And, yes, we are the lemon law firm that is - and has always been California based, with all of our employees and attorneys living in California and working at our multiple California offices statewide. 

With the myriad of attorney choices available to the consumer, we ask “is there any reason a consumer would choose anything other or less than California’s largest lemon law firm to pursue their lemon law case?” We think the answer is abundantly clear.

Your California Lemon Law Rights
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